• over 2 years ago

    Eczema on difference parts of body

    About 4 years ago, I started to get eczema around my eyes, like a full circle that would cover all my eyelid, then go all the way round to underneath my eye, I've had it ever since and it only goes away when I use a small amount of hydrocortisone cream on it, I've tried using moisturisers for months at a time, but all it ever did was make it not itch for a few hours, never made it any less dry, the hydrocortisone will make it go for months at a time, and after 4 years, It will return as bad as it has always been if I don't use it when it starts re-appearing. So about 2 years ago, it appeared on the back of my right ear, this itches badly, but also if I itch it too much, it will start oozing with a very thin liquid, so I also got some hydrocortisone for that too, and like the eye, if I leave it took long, it will start coming back, no better than before. And then, 1.5 years ago, it started appearing on the back of my hand, my wrist and slightly up my arm, it's mostly gone from my arm, but my wrist and the back of my hand still have it, I don't use any hydrocortisone for this, because it isn't really that bad, it just itches if I don't put cream on it, and even if I don't moisturize it, it doesn't itch sometimes. Before any of this, I'd never had eczema or dry skin, maybe slightly on my elbow that comes maybe once a year and goes after a few days. I've never changed anything I use, like soap,shampoo etc, I don't wear perfume or even have it in the house as my mother is allergic to it, no animals either. I was around 14-15 when this started and I'm about to be 19. Is this all just regular eczema that may go with time, or may it be something else?