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    Hydroquinone Cream

    I have dark stubborn hyperpigmentation from a TCA chemical and laser burn. I want to apply hydroquinone cream. What percentage should i use. Is there a faster way to get rid of hyperpigmentation? I exfoliate everyday. Also, i applied olive oil and some other creams. But, the dark skin does not change. What should i do? Chemical peel should lighten the skin not the opposite. Please help.


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    RE: Hydroquinone Cream

    I hate to tell you that it takes longer to treat postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. But we will help you to treat it faster. I totally understand what happened to you. Your skin is sensitive and you applied a strong TCA or laser. This is called Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation. To treat it as soon as possible. You will need to remove the top thin layer gently by Applying a Retin-A cream 3 times a week as the most effective gentle peeler. Hydroquinone cream is the same thing. When used a higher percentage can cause Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation. This is why we recommend our you to get lower percentage hydroquinone cream. You may ask. I have tried lower percentage hydroquinone cream and does not work. It did not work because the one you have tried is a tube cream not an airless pump hydroquinone. Basiclly lower percentage hydroquinone cream is very effective when packaged in airless pump. As Hydroquinone is unstable. It loses its effectiveness when exposed to air & light.

    What you need to do?
    Apply a Retin-A cream 3 times a week.
    Everyday, exfoliate gently by cotton only.
    Apply a hydroquinone cream
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        what kind Retin-A cream please
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        What kind of exfoliate please
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        Retin-A Obagi cream and other Vitamin-A creams can help repair discoloured skin areas that caused by UVA and UVB. Retin-A cream removes dead skin cells and lightens skin. Please apply the correct percentage for your skin type. If your skin is sensitive, apply a lower percentage. Basically, the more you apply the cream, the better result you will see. You should not apply a higher percentage.
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        There are two types of exfoliations:
        Everyday, basically you need to exfoliate by cotton pads when you wake up and before you sleep.

        Weekly, this is mild exfoliation that you should do once a week only. Depends on your skin type. You can use a washcloth gently. If you have sensitive skin, you should not do this mild exfoliation.
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        would like to know the two kind please.. please share about it.. what kind of
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        Retin-A Creams:
        Obagi tretion cream 0.05% if you have sensitive skin you should apply 0.025% instead.
        For daily, weekly and monthly exfoliation, you should use cotton to remove dead skin when you wake up and before you sleep. If you have normal skin, you can exfoliate once a week by a cloth-wash. Also, you can exfoliate monthly or every six weeks by glycolic chemical peel or fractional laser.