• 3 months ago

    band-aid clear membrane remains stuck to wound

    I have been on blood thinners for 25+ years. The dosage was originally 325mg Ecotrin, but has been reduced to 1/2 an 81mg low-dose every other day for the past few years. Even so, I have frequent problems with bruising and bleeding on my forearms when working in the yard or garage.

    Last week I caught my arm and peeled back a flap of skin about 3/8 square. I immediately cleaned it and applied neosporin on a 1" fabric band-aid (CVS brand). I changed the bandage the next day, but it appears the clear film covering the gauze remained on the wound when I removed the bandage. I have been unable to remove the membrane but have continued to change the dressing twice daily.

    I have tried soaking my arm in warm water, but the membrane remains attached. I cannot even identify a clean edge that I might grab with tweezers.

    Can anyone suggest how I can remove the membrane? I've seen suggestions to use baby oil (or even olive oil), but that seems to act on the adhesive, which is not the issue. Any other ideas?

    PS- I was surprised that "wound care" was not a selectable message category.