• 2 months ago

    Hives that wont go away

    I am a 51 yo woman and noticed a break-out on my skin on 3-28-19.
    It is now 5-20-19. Hives come and go, aggravated by heat. They are on face, lips, tongue, neck, entire body, legs and top of feet.

    Ive had steroid shot but no change.

    They are itchy. Very itchy.
    They are not contagious.
    They don't ooze, just a raised, round to oval, red mark, different sizes,

    I am taking an antihistimine (Cetirizine). I am also taking seizure meds: Keppra and Tegretol. Simvistatin, Letrezole and Folic Acid.

    Have stopped Letrezole for 2 weeks to see if that could be the cause - no change.

    I have had blood tests showing high thyroid levels.

    Seen by Endrocronologist - nothing.
    Going to Dermatologist next week - anyone seen this kind of thing?


  • 2 months ago

    RE: Hives that wont go away

    I have been diagnosed with chronic urticaria for the past 15 years. After trying different things, what has helped me was to avoid dairy/gluten and exercise. At first, I was very itchy exercising but now I get no hives. I do take zyrtec every day because I still get some itchy patches. Also, reducing stress.