• 1 month ago

    Devastated new condion

    About five weeks ago I had severe unreal itching over much of my body. Then terrible blisters on my feet and hands. After a few doctors here in Bangkok I struck out. Then hit paydirt found a dermatology hospital and got help. Biopsy performed and medications started. Steroids! I am old and doctors believe I have a autoimmune disease called Bullous Prehemgoid. Confirmed soon with my results. All indications symptoms point this direction usually an old person's disease that's me too.
    Now the kicker is I have lost strength in my feet and legs. I have fallen down, (diabetic too) and unable to get up. I am almost a invalid. I can however at least walk, albeit very carefully.
    I am a veteran 100% rated hoping they will take care of me? The VA have failed me as it has for many of us. I am not going back to US I nothing there.
    Good luck to all.