• 19 days ago

    I think I have an abscess or something more serious on my outer vaginal lip

    On February 21st I noticed I had multiple small bumps/pimples around outside of my vagina. Thinking they were ingrown hairs I popped some, I slept with a friend who had gotten out of the hospital about 3 weeks ago being treated for cellulitis. He didn't tell me it was cellulitis, he never started his antibiotics, the next day one of the bumps I popped was significantly bigger, very sore and tender and turned the front of my left vag lip swollen, I showered and it started oozing pus, later I put warm compress on it and more pus came out but not much. Now it is so sore it hurts to walk, sit, stand lay on my side and stomach. It feels like it hurts, but it's probably because it's so sore, it's not as red as it was 3 days ago, but it hurts worse.
    Can this be an abscess caused by his cellulitis? Or mrsa, staph?