• 29 days ago

    I have had an unusual ingrown hair type of bump on the shaft of my penis since my late teens that will not go away

    So I have had this ingrown sort of hair towards the base of my penis on the bottom side for years now. Its sort of like 1 or 2 hair follicles, maybe more have gotten trapped under the skin but continued to grow and eventually created 3 slight openings around the outside edges of the bump. If I squeeze it and play around with it I am able to get some puss to come out and sometimes I able to tweeze some loose hairs out from in there. I will immediately sterilize it but this usually causes it to flare up into a pimple like thing for a few days, and then it resides after a while and is still slightly visible just reduced. It is becoming very annoying and tedious to try and keep it cleaned out. I have off offhandedly asked my regular physicians a few times over the years but none of them seem to concerned about it since it was not a STD. It has also been quite embarrassing explaining it to girlfriends in the past even thought I know it is nothing sexually transmitted. It is more visible or prominent when I am erect as opposed to when I am limp. I . Please anyone who has any experience or knowledge of what exactly it is I have, and how to go about treating it that would be greatly appreciated.