• over 1 year ago

    Morgellons disease

    I contracted Morgellons disease after treating my yard with Diazinon pesticide for fleas and ticks. I have been suffering with this disease for over ten years. I have lesions, fibers, biting sensations, and now problems with joint pain, severe osteoarthritis, nervous system, short term memory loss, etc. It all started the day I treated my yard, I began sweating profusely and itching so bad I cried. The next day I began running a fever and vomiting uncontrollably and began developing biting sensations and lesions broke out all over me and I am still suffering to this day. Let me add this one little note, and that is this. The same year after treating my yard with Diazinon for residential use, Diazinon pesticide was removed from the market for residential use by the EPA. Their reasons for removing Diazinon for residential use has not satisfied me and I will continue to do research until I get the truth. The government is always experimenting with pesticides and I believe they went too far in 2004 with Diazinon pesticide experimenting which caused many other people to contract Morgellons as well as myself. For those people still suffering try UltraSilver Plus because it has been successful in relieving my lesions, biting sensations, and the fibrous material found in and on my body. I have not felt this good in years. Thank you NutraSilver Plus.


  • 9 days ago

    RE: Morgellons disease

    I have had numerous symptoms as described for as long as I can remember. Hospital visits and tests turn up nothing. I have been exposed to numerous chemicals and possible sources of pathogens in my life. I have found after taking showers and rubbing my skin these fibers appear. One thing in particular seems to loosen this waxy substance on the skin. Spray on sun tan/sun block. It contains denatured alcohol, vitamin E, and a zinc containing chemical. After spray it on, rubbing the skin in these areas it will appear as though dead skin has rolled up with these fibers. The CDC website for Morgellons Disease says that patients with MD usually test positive for Lyme Disease. Could be chemical byproducts from the bacteria causing mutations in the skin to produce these keratin and collagen containing fibers. We are not crazy.