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    Spot in penis

    I am a 30 year old male. I am having some allergy in penis, like yellowish spots on the innerhead skin of my penis. Give me your advice for the same to hygiene the penis


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    RE: Spot in penis

    You need to improve your hygiene habits. Make sure you wash daily with soap and water. Once dry you should apply an antibacterial penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil to the area... this will eliminate any leftover bacteria and keep things especially clean down there. You can get this creme online. Hope this helps.
      • over 1 year ago
        : Thanks for the reply, I m wash daily with water and dry with cotton pad. And apply coconut oil and T back gel cream sometime not regularly.
        But dark brown spot sudden showing in penis inner area head.
        I m not wash penis with soap still due to some salts and perfume based soaps in market not concern with internal used.
        So that not applied.
        Request you to please give some suggestion accordingly.
      • over 1 year ago
        : and recommended Man1 oil and cream not available in India
  • RE: Spot in penis

    Sounds like maybe fordyce spots dude. Just use wikipedia and read up on them a bit. Totally harmless. But there are penis health cremes you can use for other minor issues down there and they work great. Man1 Man Oil is an excellent one. Good luck my man.