• 5 months ago

    Skin rashes

    I have tiny rashes all over my body. It started with my hands, then my laps, now it seems to be all over. Sometimes, it looks very dry, as though it is peeling and whitish.

    I went to the hospital and I was told it could be an allergic reaction and to relax but it has been almost a month and the rashes has spread to other places.

    Please help, what can this be?


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Skin rashes

    Easiest thing to check is an allergic reaction- low grade ones are called contact dermatitis. Try an antihistamine, like Benedryl, use as directed. If the rash subsides, it is an allergic reaction, if it does not, find a dermatologist and DEMAND a scrape biopsy- you are paying them- and a definite diagnosis.
      • 1 month ago
        My symptoms are the same and my dermatologist diagnosed it as atopic dermatitis/eczema. I'm presently looking for a natural solution and process of elimination of possible irritants, to replace the steroid cream that was prescribed.
      • A diagnosis of "eczema" is basically the doc saying "you have a rash, I really don't know which one, but it doesn't look fatal". If you look up eczema on Google it is a "trash can" of various things from scabies- a parasite, to ringworm (a fungus) to lichen planus (thought to be an autoimune disease) to contact dermatitis- an allergy. So, that is NOT a diagnosis. If you are looking for something natural, try the naturepurelife website, they make creams especially formulated for rashes, and they are all natural. They make PrrEze, which cured my pityriasis rosea when the doctors said nothing would help.
  • 4 months ago

    RE: Skin rashes


    Yes, it could certainly be an allergic reaction, did your doctor prescribe any anti allergic?

    I had a similar experience 4 years back. I also tried an anti allergic medicine, it subsided it a little, but eventually stopped helping. I resorted to natural oils and substances and with the help of my herbal medicine specialist, went in for detoxification for the inner system, this actually helped me cure it at a much faster rate.

    Any skin issue needs severe cleansing of your internal system, as it is not just a skin problem, it is an issue with your internal body. Once your internal body is cleansed, skin problems will reduce multi-fold.

    Your diet, your mental health, your detoxification, your breathing techniques, and herbal alternatives can all help you with the outbreak. I would suggest a natural and herbal way to treat it instead of harsh medicines with side effects.

    Let me know if you need more information, I have been off OTC drugs for over a year and a half now.