• over 1 year ago

    Peeling Fingernails


    I have been experiencing peeling fingernails for a little over a month. My fingernails still grow, but the top layers flake off much more easily than they ever have, especially on my thumbnails. The flaking/peeling is happening horizontally. My job requires me to swim in a chlorinated pool 2x a day, so this is likely not helping! Fortunately, this will be my last week of daily swimming, so hope to see some improvement afterwards.
    My main questions are:
    - Should I start taking supplements (possibly biotin?) to help with my nails? Any foods I should be emphasizing?
    - Are there any product/ DIY recommendations to both protect and improve the health of my nails? I have started to put on Sally Hansen "Hard as Nails", but am wondering if a more natural remedy would be better.

    Just a bit more information: My hair seems fine, and hopefully that will continue to be the case. Historically, I've had very strong and fast-growing nails, so it is a bit concerning to see them in this state! Any help is much appreciated.