• 8 months ago

    Cyst under eye

    I have what the dermatologist said was a cyst under my eye on the bone been there for 2 weeks now very swollen clean into the corner of my eye they put me on doxycycline and topical clendamiacin which burned my skin I had a cordazone injection into the cyst didn't help they refer me to a plastic surgeon she said she thinks it's eye related and diagnosed me with chronic periorbital cellulitis and put me on bactrum and told me to call an opthomologist I also had a neck injury in July had an MRI and that showed a Thornwaldt cyst which is 7mm in the back of my sinus and my facet joint isn't opening in my neck wig out assistance which is causing pain Andrea cracking when I move my neck please help does anyone know what could be causing this face thing could it be the thornwaldt cyst? What doc should I see next ? Thank you