• 2 months ago

    Electric shaver pinched my skin, very mild cellulitis?

    I'm a girl. Barber pinched my neck with an electric shaver. The area he pinched is shown in this sample picture - http://imgur.com/a/RaRBm
    After that, that area of my neck started feeling weird, like something was there. It became red instantly. Redness went away in a day. Now it just feels weird, kind of uncomfortable, it's a very subtle sensation. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it. Symptom started in August.

    Underneath the skin, it feels tender. It feels like it's undergoing necrosis?

    I also know this- It feels kind of better when I squeeze that area of my neck. It feels kind of better when I place a warm towel on it and slap it. It feels kind of better when I do a deep massage, like when I push down on it.

    What's the problem? Very mild cellulitis? There is no redness though.
    Kink? But it felt like there was something there.

    I really would like to see a doctor but I'm afraid of being dismissed because it's a subtle symptom and there are no glaring visible symptoms.
    This is what the area looked like on Day 22 - https://m.imgur.com/a/PzpiN