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    Do I have to get rid of all makeup after a stye?

    I am prone to getting styes in my eyes. It especially happens if I haven't been sleeping well -- I think it's a combo of no sleep and then rubbing my eyes more. My question is, do I need to throw out all of my makeup brushes and eye makeup after I get a stye? Or is washing the brushes and just replacing mascara enough? I normally wash the brushes really well and get a new mascara, but I don't switch out all of my eye makeup. Is this why I keep getting them (about once a month or so). I don't want to spend the money replacing my makeup all the time, but I will if it stops these styes.


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    Styes are so annoying! The medical term is hordeolum and Staph bacteria often cause it. To prevent the infections you do need to keep your eyes clean. Wash your hands with soap and water before you touch your eye, especially if you use contacts. Keep trying to stop rubbing your eyes. Continue to wash your makeup brushes regularly. To keep your mascara clean, consider single use mascara brushes - just like what makeup artists use. And, yes, I would change out your eye makeup, especially eye liner. Also, be sure and take off your eye makeup every single night. If the styes are happening regularly, and warm compresses aren’t enough, talk to your doctor she may give you a cream or ointment to get the problem under control. And one last comment, try to get more sleep, that’s so important for your overall health so your body can fight infections. Hope this helps!
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        Thank you! I never really thought about using the single use mascara wands...definitely going to pick some of those up.
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        Of course you have to! But only those you used to use before picking up an infection
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    RE: Do I have to get rid of all makeup after a stye?

    U Might also be low in Vitamin A which helps stop eye styes and washing eyes and ur hands regular helps keep them clean too :)
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        Yes that's absolutely right you make sure the problems of vitamin A deficiency. Because it helps to stop eye styes. Vitamin A has also lot of benefits especially your eyes and oveall body health, weight and fitness.