• 7 months ago

    Skin Bleaching

    I have sever hyperpigmentation all over my face. Also, I have discoloration on my armpit and some parts of my body. I have tried several skin bleaching creams without any positive results. I am looking for a skin lightening treatment that works.


  • 7 months ago

    RE: Skin Bleaching

    Hyperpigmentation is hard to treat. These all you can do to remove or reduce it: 1. Clean your face using cotton when you wake up and before you go to bed. This helps the cream absorption. 2. Apply skinceuticals sunscreen every time you go out during the day as uvb & uva harm your skin resulting in producing more pigmentation. 3. Try skin peel or skin laser. Look for cosmetic clinics in your area. Then you can learn how to apply it at home. 5. Apply tretinoin cream once a week to remove new outer pigmented skin layers. 6. Get Glutathione IV from cosmetic clinics near you. Do not try to get it online. 7. Workout daily to boost skin re-freshness. 8. Apply skin bleaching cream.