• 7 months ago


    For the past 6 months I've been noticing very strong goosebumps only in my left thigh. Yes, goosebumps! The complete front and sides of my entire thigh is shocked at Random times of the day , in ALL different conditions, but non stop several times a day always in my left thigh. Now It's starting to wake me at night. Its strongest in the part of the thigh nearest the knee. It can radiate up in a thin line up my hip and through the left side curving back into the left side of my buttocks and staying on the left side going even as high up as my armpit, But in a narrow band once it radiates past my hip. This cant be normal! I have neck and lumbar issues like lots of people out there but I've never heard of a goosebump problem. Any ideas or what it's a symptom of?