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  • 6 hours ago


    I had a pimple I popped a few days ago now at the pimple sight there is a purple, yellow and black SKIN LESION the size of a quarter. Just wondering if this is something I should be concerned about or not?
  • 1 day ago

    red blister

    I have a red like blister on the left side bra line. it stared off dime size now looks like a almond size. it itches sometimes but doesn't hurt. I had my dr look at it about 6months ago and gave me cream. I don't have insurance right now so needed some help or advise. Thanks
  • Acne after 40

    Hi all, I am looking for reasons/solutions. My acne has worsened since I turned 40. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas why it suddenly got worse. Treatment ideas - accutane and other dangerous drugs are not options.
  • 1 day ago

    Sabaceous Cyst

    I had a Cyst drained yesterday and it's not fully drained yet, I was wondering how long that process took and what I could do to help it. Also how should I care for it while it's still in the healing state ?
  • 1 day ago

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  • 2 days ago

    Fading Varicose Veins By Improving Your Microcirculation

    Most common causes of spider veins: 1) Heredity. 2) Blood circulation problems. 3) Prolonged standing. 4) Sitting in the same position for polonged periods of time. 5) Sedentarism (contributes to poor blood circulation). 6) Vein inflammation (phlebitis). Also causes varicose veins.
  • 3 days ago

    Neck rash

    I've had a rash on my neck for a week, it doesn't itch much but it keeps spreading and spreading. I'd post a pic if I could but the best way to describe it is skin turning pink in small, barely raised bumps. Should I keep waiting or see a doctor?
  • I used Freeze away on skin tag on shaft of penis- color turned dark/ black and appears to be even bigger?

    Is this a part of the recovery? or did I make things worse for myself?
  • 3 days ago

    Bariatric surgery skin skin skin.

    I don't know about the "beauty" part of this category. However, I had bariatric surgery several years ago, AFTER menopause. I had not considered myself to be especially vain about my looks, but I guess I am. I was not informed at the time that my skin would not "bounce back" after this surgery--I should have asked, or done more research, but didn't know that. The skin on the lower half of my face; cheeks, mouth, chin line; and skin of my ENTIRE neck doesn't just droop....
  • Mouth wrinkles

    Is there something that works to take away mouth wrinkles?