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  • 10 hours ago

    Giants vs 49ers :

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  • 1 day ago

    Recommend Biotin

    Does anyone know what the recommended dosage for Biotin 1,000 mcg capsules I should take daily for maximum results?
  • 2 days ago

    Skin problem- foliculitus??

    Hello well i have really never came across sometjing like tjis but perhaps tjrough a picture you could some-what diagnose? There is some kind of say what starts out like a pimple but you can pop then it will weap, clearish liquid and scab over the location is on my chin..i have a goatie so imagine tjat center strip ..its on tje left side and i swear it seems to spread by looking like juvenile pimples ..wonder if i can upload a picture?
  • 6 days ago


    What is the best self tanner (the best for your skin and with SPF preferably)?
  • 9 days ago


    What's he quickest wast to get rid off acne?
  • 9 days ago


    So this, whatever it is, has been on my nose for about a month now. Ive gone to the twice dermatologist and all they have done is give me 2 cortisone shots, doxycycline, and ziana gel, and NOTHING has helped. Im going on a trip soon and i need this gone. everyday i wake up in the morning and feel like crying because its so big and nothing has helped. Im coming on here to see if anyone knows what it even is because my dermatologist said it was a cyst or boil, but never really clarified, but it doesn't....
  • Sweaty, Stinky Feet

    So I Have Sweaty, Stinky Feet. Whenever I wear shoes for up to an hour, when I take them off they feel sweaty and stinky. I have to change my socks all the time. Sometimes parts of my socks will stick to my feet because they are so sweaty. I can't even wear my slippers without my feet feeling gross. I've tried foot powder, foot spray, and antiperspirant but nothing works. What do I do?
  • 11 days ago

    What is this rash on my arm?

    i have small white bumps that then turn into a red rash on my arm that slightly itches but mostly it just burns and its irritated (the left is what it turns into to)
  • Long Lasting Itch

    I itch like crazy all over. I have been itchy all over my body for months. Since about July. I first felt it start when I was home in the summer in New Jersey and it got worse when I moved to Los Angeles in August. Sometimes I break out in a rash, especially my arms. I also get random little bumps on my fingers. Sometimes they are fluid-filled. I have dark, red dry bumps all over my stomach. I went to an allergist and found that I'm allergic to a series of things, biggest being dust. But I've....
  • 12 days ago


    I have vitiligo and it seems to be spreading more. if there is anyone out there with any information that can help, please let me know. I am tired of using cover up makeup and going to doctors with no help. Thank you!!