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  • 2 hours ago

    Question about penis discharge

    Recently I have been having semen discharge after i go to the bathroom. I have not participated in any sexual activity nor have I masturbated in 3 months. I do not have any wet dreams so i don’t know if the discharge is just semen exiting the body like normal but just not at night. Or if this could be a problem.
  • 3 hours ago

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  • 10 hours ago

    Pre-Cum Wet All The Time

    I am a 33 year old male. I just have to have a sexual thought and bam, I am damp so much so that most days at the end of the underwear is wet which made me use some liners which helps to soak up the wetness and not wet the underwear. Please don't assume I have sexual thoughts all day..I don't...but when I do I am very damp....any suggestions....because this dampness even with liners in my underwear still is uncomfortable at the end of the day..Thank you
  • 22 hours ago

    Have I started Puberty?

    ( I have asked this on a lot of websites, with no answers so I hope this does get answered) So, I have boners, hair near my balls, body odor(though only one person complains about it which makes me wonder if I actually do have body odor), my balls drop, and increased attraction for girls, but that’s it. No increase in height, no hair anywhere else besides the balls and the top of my head, no muscle increase, no wet dreams or ejucations, and sometimes I feel small pain in my balls. My mother says....
  • 3 days ago

    Irritation/urethritis one year

    I have had irritation at head/tip of urethra for about one year now after peeing and throughout day. Just slight pain/irritation. Was tested twice for chlymadia, both times negative and was still given 2 rounds of antibiotics as I am sexually active. Also they used a scope to check out bladder and prostate. All good. Kidneys were good as well. Basically was told by two different urologist it will go away on its own probably. I do have HSV1 genitalia if that helps. Thanks.
  • 6 days ago

    18 years old, Testicle pain, then loss of sex drive and strong erections.

    I've had some minor pain in my testicles a few days ago, and as that subsided I lost my sex drive and my erections are really weak now and don't stay unless I'm constantly stimulating. I'm 18 years old, what's happening?
  • 6 days ago

    Penis size

    I'm late 40's and I feel my penis is smaller in size. Maybe it is just me but is it possible for this to happen and what can I do to improve it.
  • 10 days ago

    broke sex life

    sex injury/something wrong.I was having sex back in 1988/1989,the girl was sitting on top of me,facing my feet. She wanted it a little rough, I guess.When she was riding on top, she decided to lean forward, for a more of a backward thrust & bent so far, as I felt a pop in the top side of my penis, but she kept on thrusting backwards. We both finally finished.Today:2017 to present:2018,- my balls & all always sweat, I have to sit down to pee, sometimes, I can’t empty my bladder, as I used....
  • 11 days ago

    I was never circumcised but I dont have a foreskin

    I never had circumcision but I look circumcised. My foreskin does not cover the tip at all.

  • 14 days ago


    Hi, i wanted to know if it would be possible to get my girlfriend pregnant if i masturbated few hours before having sex. In more details, i masturbated while taking a shower, and made sure i cleaned all the cum. This was at 8am and then had sex at 1pm, would it be possible to get my girlfriend pregnant? How long does the sperm last once cummed?