• 7 days ago

    Ongoing Chest Issues

    Hi I’ve had ongoing issues with my chest for the past six years, and as I can’t find any answers from my doctor ( I’ve tried ) and searching the internet I’ve decided to post here.

    Long story short I suffer with psychosis which I’ve had 3 times, each time being very traumatic like I was going insane. When I had my psychosis something happened within my chest where it felt as though I’d ripped something and when this happened it was very painful to talk, and when I did talk my voice was gutturally low and my chest would vibrate like an engine as I talked. I find it difficult to talk at a certain volume now because it would cause great pain in my chest.

    On top of that since this happened I’ve been unable to express emotion like I used to. It feels as though there is a disconnection between mind and body, for example if I wanted to express enthusiasm now it would be almost impossible. It feels as though I’ve lost the ability to express emotion through my body.

    It’s also affected my exercise and sex life, I can still exercise but it feels as though I’ve lost my ‘edge’ while working out as if I pushed myself too much it would aggravate my damaged chest. I lost the ability to become sexually aroused when it first happened, but thankfully it has come back a little bit and I still have the ability to have sex.

    I’ve had this for six years now, and I highly doubt it will get better on its own. The damage feels internal and very deep. I can hear my chest clicking as I go to sleep where the tension is being built up and released.

    Thanks for reading, any answers to what has happened to me are welcome.