• 4 months ago

    What are the types of Hair Transplant?

    Hi, I wanted to know about the types of hair transplant surgery.

    I am suffering from male pattern baldness. I have entirely lost my frontal hair, and I had also tried many medications, but nothing worked. Finally, I have decided to go for hair transplant in Mumbai.
    I also consulted to some of the hair transplant doctors and am fully satisfied with their procedure and even the results which they have shown me of their previous patients.

    My only doubt is the type of hair transplant surgery. I mean what the types of hair transplant surgery are and how does it work.
    One doctor told me that I would have to shave my whole head in one of the type of surgery, which I don't want to do.

    Please, anyone of you let me know about the types of hair transplant surgery, and how does it work?

    EDIT - Went for hair transplant surgery at https://www.artiushairtransplant.com/hair-transplant-mumbai/ and can say you that the result is awesome. Very happy with the treatment, got my hair back and it also look very natural.