• 5 months ago

    Cost Of Beard Transplant?

    Hii, I am Armaan, 32 years old. I have decided to undergo a beard transplant as I am not gaining that much hair on my face as I expected. Working as a software developer and married, I do not feel good because of my facial hair. I do not have much hair on my face. I have been to a couple of surgeons for the surgery, but it didn't help at all.

    I want to get rid of this and want some hair on my face, Over the past few months I have been looking and meeting some surgeons for my beard transplant, and I am very much satisfied with the surgery.

    My only question is, how much would be the cost of beard transplant as any of the surgeons doesn't tell me the proper cost of the transplant.

    Please, can anyone of you advise me about the cost of a beard transplant, because the average cost i got to know from this site https://alcsindia.com/hair-specialist-doctor-jaipur/