• 12 days ago

    Blood test results affected by mouth bleeding?


    Sorry, didn't know where to place this. I've gotten back online blood test results for hematology and general chemistry, but can't consult with my doctor for days. And there are some numbers in there that trouble me.

    I'm wondering if the results could have been affected by something I didn't think about when I saw my doctor: I'd had some bleeding in my mouth for three days prior because of a dental procedure to extract a metal pin. (Even now, two weeks later, the mouth wound is still healing.)

    The online blood test results show high Creatinine, slightly high MCH & MCHC, an eGFR of 55, and low RBC & GGT.

    Though previous blood tests in 2017 and 2018 showed my thyroid (TSH) sometimes slightly above 4, it settled down into the acceptable range on subsequent tests, and it's fine now. And while my previous eGFR results were a little low, every other category that is suddenly reading outside the acceptable range has been fine.

    So... is it possible that these results were affected by the mouth bleeding?