• 5 months ago

    Has anyone ever received a third dose of MMR vaccine?

    Not an anti vaxxer, but guess what everyone? MMR vaccine might not be as effective, nor lifelong, as you think it is. I’m going into nursing school and needed vaccines before I started. Of course, I’ve received ALL of my childhood vaccines, DTap, MMR (both doses), Chicken Pox (one dose), Hep B 3 series, even the new meningitis vaccine in 2006.

    So I show the doctor proof of vaccinations, but nursing school requires two doses of chicken pox (not one) and a tDap booster. Fine. That’s fine. But there was a discrepancy on my vax record, and they weren’t sure if I had the second chicken pox dose or not. I was born in 92 and the vax came out in 95, back then they only gave one dose, now they give two. Because they are now finding one dose wasn’t enough.

    So they wanted to run some blood titers just to see if I was immune to chicken pox, or not. So I thought OK cool. Don’t want to get something I don’t need. They end up running titers for all the viruses I received vaccines for, to see if I was immune.

    Ends up I’m only immune to Hep B and Mumps. I don’t care about bot being immune to chicken pox, big pharma admitted they messed up and children need two doses. But I’m mad that the “lifelong” MMR vaccine, which is supposedly 88 percent effective after two doses to mumps and 97 percent effective after two doses for measles and German measles, might not be as effective as you think.

    If the blood titers are accurate, I’m in a rare group — top 3 percentile that isn’t immune to both types of measles after receiving the proper 2 dose MMR during infancy and childhood. And I’m only 27 years old.

    Now I refuse to believe I hit the lottery here, being in the top 3 percent of millions across the world who has received this vaccine. And I’ve never, through all my research, heard of anyone receiving a third, adult MMR vaccine after two in infancy and childhood. They marketed this vaccine as “lifelong immunity.” Turns out, I’m only immune to 1/3 of these diseases. And I wonder, if the titers are accurate, how many more of you are out there (that haven’t been infected with measles, mumps or rubella previously) and have received this vaccine and aren’t immune.

    The pro vaxxer community loves to bash anti vaxxers about the effectiveness of vaccines. They love to blame the anti vaxxers for the measles outbreaks. For the mutations. But how many of us, that went through the normal, big pharma vaccine regime, aren’t even immune to what we thought we were immune to? It might not be just the anti vaxxer kids after all, it’s all of us. The ones that received this vaccine and aren’t immune. And the anti vaxxers. Get your blood titers done because the lines aren’t so black and white anymore.