• 4 months ago

    Sudden Urge to Pee

    My dad is 76 and has parkinsons. Not too bad, slight tremor and unbalance. Lately the urge to pee and come on suddenly and he has to find bathroom quickly. When sleeping sometimes he is not able to make it to bathroom and winds up having an accident. He's had his prostate checked and it's slightly enlarge and his PSA slightly elevated but no cancer. Any help or opinions what to do or have doc check would be great. Thanks.


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Sudden Urge to Pee

    Hi Get him into doing kegels its a pelvic floor exercise and doing these will strengthen his sphincters, these are the muscles that control our urinations, as they may have just got weak with old age, they will even help you as well.

    Very easy to do and the only equipment you need is you or your dad and can be done anywhere at any time.

    Just google Kegel exercise you find loads of help, but try and find the reverse ones as well.