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    Heart Palpations / Elevated heart rate after Golf

    Just a quick bit about my background -

    I have suffered from Panic attacks / anxiety for the last 15 or so years, But in the past 4-5 years it’s been very much controlled.

    In 2008 I had an echocardiogram, X-Rays, MRI, EKG for a trip to the ER due to chest pains and racing heart. The ER Dr. said it was panic but though it would be good to test everything out to rule a heart issue out. All test came back good and there were no issues and my DR said I have a very healthy / strong heart.

    Since then I’ve been to the ER a few times and all EKGs since then have shown no signs of issues or damage. And all agree it’s Panic Attacks.

    Recently I’ve had issues with Panic Attacks and Anxiety again. I went to my Dr. and she listened to my heart and we did a cholesterol test since I’m 38 and it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Dr.’s office. She said my heart sounded good and my cholesterol numbers were very good. I usually also take my BLood Pressure about once a week because I have a bad case of White coat syndrome. On average my BP is anywhere from 120/75 to 130/85 depending on the time of day. So all in all good numbers.

    So here is my question - I am currently in between jobs and don’t want to set up a Dr’s appointment until My new insurance kicks in with my new job.

    I am an avid golfer, and I’ve noticed on days that it’s very hot and I sweat a lot, I notice that I have heart palpitations when I get settled in and start to rest after the round. I work out often and this usually never happens to me after even an intense workout. I also notice my heart rate will stay elected for a few hours afterwards.

    My resting HR is about 75-80 but after I get settled in and relaxed after golf it’s around 98-108 on average and when i start to pay attention to it my anxiety goes up and it shoots up to 100-118

    Could this be due to dehydration? I usually drink 75-100oz on any given day, but when I golf I’ve noticed that my intake drops to 30-40oz during the round (6 hours with warm up, and playing )

    Should I drink more than what I’m currently taking or should I add an electrolyte to my water during the round?

    Thanks for any help, I have a tournament Saturday and am a bit anxious, which I know absolutely doesn’t help!


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    RE: Heart Palpations / Elevated heart rate after Golf

    Hi Drink more water, even your 100oz's is not really enough, and when your walking and playing that needs to up 2 litres just for golf, and then a few beers in the 19th holes, but your daily needs to be upped to around 8 pints a day, and yes it will make you urinate more, that's ok its good for you.

    But for your panic and anxiety, just google those with meditation, I think you will find your answer there, if you think its the way to go, find a local group to teach you the art of meditation.

  • 14 days ago

    RE: Heart Palpations / Elevated heart rate after Golf

    I'm not sure if this is because of exercising or because of your anxiety problems because they both can elevate your heart rates. Golf is still a sport in the end and it's a competitive sport. Maybe you're competing with someone and this makes you anxious. If this is the reason, take another approach to the game. Sport should help you relax, not keep you nervous. I use to play golf sometimes with my friend but we keep a friendly attitude towards each other, we're not competing and we're not at that age anymore. We don't even use professional golf drivers, we're on a budget.