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    Over the years I have enjoyed good sex with my ex girlfriend but before that, getting an erection with her was a problem for months. She was totally patient for months until one night, the rod got stiff and that was the beginning of our sex life together which lasted over three years.
    After her came a lady one day, a neighbor from way back growing up, she offered sex on a monday and I was as active as a horse. Less than a week on sunday my new girlfriend offered sex for the first time but I couldn't get hard enough. We talked about it and she said she will wait. I traveled far away but didn't get myself involved with any other lady knowing my problem. A year later I have come back to her but still can't perform...
    I don't know how its going to come but I really need help.


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    RE: Confused

    Hi Your first should be with your doctor and get a blood test done for your hormones, you looking to see whet your testosterone is at, you don't say what age you are, but low T at any age is bad news.

    There are foods you can eat that will boost them up, if they are low don't take to gels or patch's, go for testosterone shots once a week, these you can inject yourself, all very easy.

    One last thing never accept normal ask for a copy of your results, then work them out for your self which you can do on google.