• 5 months ago

    Curved penis at 16

    So I'm 16 years old and my penis is curved. It's been over a year (if not years) that it's been like this. Don't know if it has gotten better or worse. Overall, when erect it points to my left. But the shape of my penis shifts right a bit, even the tip is pointed right. My foreskin also generally points right so I piss at a 45° angle to the right unless I use my fingers to straighten my penis. When I look at the bottom of my penis, the line curves left then right.

    I do masturbate regularly and I thought myself to masturbate with my right hand instead (I'm left handed) for the past year but it hasn't really improved. It doesn't hurt when I have an erection nor does it hurt when I masturbate. I just feel like it looks very odd and unusual. What can I do to straighten my penis? Should I see a doctor?


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Curved penis at 16

    Hi Yes there is help as your young you can try doing PE exercises, so go over to pegym.com, you do not join because of your age, but you can go round reading, thing to look at is jelqing exercises, stretching and look at the JP90, do that for 6 months this conditions your penis and only then you can think of using a extender.

    If you don't fancy doing that see your doctor who most likely say come back when your 18, same as pegym you have to be 18 to join.