• 4 months ago

    Testicle/penis discomfort- help appreciated

    Hi everyone . Im a 31 year old male. 6’2 170 pounds .. I’m really hoping I can get some helpful answers to something that’s been bothering me for awhile. Let me start by saying I have no stds and have had several tests done and doctors don’t find a thing. For sometime now which is 2-4 years I have on and off discomfort in my right testicle . It seems to be mainly underneath the testicle that is sensitive. Usually during the discomfort the testicle is slightly swollen . I’ve noticed that a lot of times the discomfort is after a bowel movement and will persist for days only going away when I shower and lay down. I’ve noticed when the testicle is like this that i don’t ever seem to be arroused either . Not sure if it’s bc of the discomfort or something going on. I’ve noticed also the penis is sometimes just shriveled up and the testicles are in tight. Very rarely do I ever just hang loose and normal.. whatever it is I know it involves the discomfort in the right testicle bc the other one doesn’t seem to ever be affected . It happens after bowel movements on many occasions . The testicle can swell slightly and feel sensitive and I can feel large veins like a bag of worms . Is it possible my bowel movements can be causing this? If not what could it be that continuously comes and goes. I’m looking for any answers or advice . Thank you


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Testicle/penis discomfort- help appreciated

    Hi you say bag of worms, could you have a problem like epididymis or a varicocele, see a urologist and see what he/she says to your problem.

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