• 4 months ago

    Can Trauma cause Epididymtis?

    TSA did invasive search at JFK - TSA rammed rigid fingers repeatedly into genital region on right side. His fingers and all the pressure was concentrated on a very small region.

    Before search, no history of pain or issues in that region. I have annual checkups at a urologist.

    After search, 30 minutes later started to notice pain in exact area TSA rammed his fingers.

    As pain was not going away I booked my Urologist.

    Diagnosed as epididymitis 40 days later by Urologist.

    Is it reasonable to state that the Epididymitis was likely caused by trauma by the TSA to the epididimus region, noting onset was 30 minutes after invasive search in exact area of invasive search?

    Wanting some expert Urologist views.


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Can Trauma cause Epididymtis?

    Hi If you read up about TSA, it should be just a pat down going any further is not the done thing, if you have this guys number report it.

    Your epididymitis could be inflamed from rough handling and can take around 3 months to clear up.