• 19 days ago

    Bladder neck obstruction


    I am a mid-30s male who has been diagnosed with bladder neck obstruction. My primary symptom seems to be the need to urinate frequently (14-16 times during waking hours). After many different types of tests, it has been determined that my bladder retains ~330 ml of urine after I void, meaning that my bladder is holding ~950 ml of urine before I even begin to feel the urge to void (which, as I understand it, is ~90% more than it should be able to hold comfortably). I have been seeing a urologist (who prescribed tamsulosin and oxybutynin, neither of which seemed to help), a urological surgeon (who simply instructed me to drink less water), and a pelvic health physiotherapist (which seems to be helping somewhat). I am just wondering if anyone out there has experienced similar symptoms, and if you discovered any successful ways of dealing with them. Thanks so much!