• 1 month ago

    Appropriate Provider Exam?

    A male patient was advised to go to the emergency room for a possible testicular torsion issue. The male patient was seen by two male doctors and a female doctor. The providers attended the exam at the same time, but also switched back and forth to be alone with the patient behind the curtain. The exam was mostly ok and seemed appropriate. However, the female provider when she was in the exam area alone with the patient did something odd (and please don’t humiliate me by saying its made up.) The female provider essentially got down to eye level and face level to the male privates in a kneeling fashion. Then the female doctor just stared at the male’s privates from less than a foot away for an extended period of time (less than 10 minutes, but at least 5 if not more). Is this normal? The male doctors did not get nearly as close and certainly did not stare more than 30 seconds.


  • 1 month ago

    RE: Appropriate Provider Exam?

    You don't mention your age or if the female MD was a younger doctor and maybe she has not seen this injury before. I know when I go for a physical or to my Urologist for an exam, when it's time for the male genital check, they sit on a low stool of front of me about a foot away as I stand in front of them. Perhaps the two male docs have more experience with this medical emergency and she this was her way of thoroughly performing the exam.
      • 29 days ago
        Some of the issues with inappropriate behavior stems from the fact patients don't know what's appropriate. This female doctor seemed legit, but it just appeared odd she would be the only one staring so close for so long. Your insight provides some plausible explanation and background to confirm this seems like an appropriate exam method.