• 8 days ago

    Surgery for an elderly man

    HISTORY: My father is 86. He had a prostatectomy maybe 15-20 years ago, then had an artificial sphincter installed. He used it until the urethral cuff eroded in 2015, when he had emergency surgery to remove the cuff. His urethra's healing was going well, and was being monitored his urologist in the hope of putting in a new cuff, but my father incurred some seizures and a serious head injury which put the whole plan on hold indefinitely. In 2016, Dad moved to a nursing home near me, and recovered from his injury and had not had a seizure in over 2 years. He is now absolutely miserable being incontinent, and ideally I'd like him to have control of his bladder again for the remaining years of his life. He's physically very strong - he has always been extremely durable. His recent recovery is typical. But, he does have what might be "mild" CHF, and hypertension. His fluid retention has been more or less under control with diuretics.

    QUESTIONS: Since my father does not see a urologist regularly anymore - he lives about an hour from his previous urologist - I need to find one in central NJ (we'e near New Brunswick) who takes Medicaid who might consider this (relatively simple?) surgery for a man my Dad's age. Does anyone do surgery on a patient over 85? Is there an alternative to replacing the urethral cuff? Of course, I will call some doctors, and call my Dad's former urologist, but I post this question here to get a wider perspective. Thank you for your time...