• Son painful urination not a UTI

    My son is 14 he has high functioning Autism. He has painful urination that the Urologist has not figured out. He has had it for about 3 plus years.

    He does take Strattera but both his primary care Doctor and his Urologist say that can’t be the cause. It is listed as a rare side effect of Strattera. He has seen two other Urologist in the past and they just wrote it off as his Autism. My son is very intelligent a 4.0GPA and very articulate and he says no one believes him. It hurts everytime.

    He has had so many urine tests and nothing comes up. No infection. Done probably 10 times over the years. However he does have Protein in his Urine 30mg/dl. He has had an ultrasound and everything came out healthy. They said his kidneys looked healthy and saw no Kidney stones.

    Next thing they are going to try is a scope up into his bladder. Im at a loss as what to do to help him. As a father I want to help him and he is begging for help but no one has figured out what is wrong. Im open to suggestions.