• 25 days ago

    Hot flash/ feeling that starts in upper stomach below sternum then spreads through body.

    Hello forum. The title says it all. It started in November of last year and sent me to the ER twice it was so bad. They did a CT and didnt see anything. Well it went away for awhile but it back now. Its happening as I type this. Another symptom is waking up hot and sweaty. I had a dream that I was sunburned and woke up very hot. Kicked my blanket off, then 5 minutes later was cold before the sweat had dried. It feels like my body's thermostat goes haywire sometimes.

    The hot flashes are more common then being cold. The very first symptoms were what I described as hot pins and needles across my back. I havent had that in awhile though. The worst thing is what the title says. I can feel one coming on, and I get a hot feeling in upper stomach below the sternum that I can literally feel spread outward to the rest of my body. Its very uncomfortable, and I get super anxious every time it happens because I worry that its going to get as bad as it was the time I had to go to the ER.

    Anyway I was just looking for some advice, ideas, etc. Thank you