• 1 month ago

    Penis help

    Hi I am a 28 and I have a painless lump underneath the skin of my penis, on the right side beneath the glans. I am circumcised and I don't know exactly how long it's been there, but it’s been noticeable a month. 5 months ago tho I could say I did not see it at all. I am married, so an STD is very unlikely. As I said, it's completely painless, even when I squeeze it. I can even move it around and when I stop it settles back in between the glans and the edge of my shaft. It's much bigger and more prominent when the penis is erect, but one can still kinda see it when flaccid. When the penis is erect the bubble is the size of a pea. No other symptoms than the lump itself. I am healthy and a non smoker. Naturally I'm a little worried, can you help me identify the problem? Thanks in advance.


  • 1 month ago

    RE: Penis help

    Hi from what your saying it sounds very much like cyst, just go see your doctor, if he/she is any good it should be able to be removed, its the only way your get rid of it.