• 3 months ago

    Does Ashwagandha help with libido?

    Hey guys!

    So I started using ashwagandha a little while back to help me sleep. I know it's a little new-age; I don't normally go in for that kind of thing. But I'd been sleeping terribly and a friend of mine recommended it, so I gave it a try. I'm not sure if it's placebo or what, but I've deifnitely been sleeping better.

    However, I've also noticed that I've been considerably more horny lately! I did a bit of research and I came across a number of articles claiming that ashwagandha acts as a 'testosterone booster'. They say that it reduces cortisol levels, which then bumps up your testosterone, which makes you horny.

    Here's a couple that I read:



    What do you guys think? I normally don't believe in any of this herbal remedy stuff, but after my experience with ashwagandha and sleep I'm willing to believe that it boosts testosterone.

    Is it placebo? Or does it work?

    I figured this was the best place to post because the bodybuilding forums are too gullible and Reddit is too skeptical.


  • 3 months ago

    RE: Does Ashwagandha help with libido?

    Hi Yes you on the right track and it is good for our libido, great its working for you the way it is, its one of the recommended things for guys to try, but can have some bad side effects with some guys.

    WebMD has its own link for it.


      • 3 months ago
        Ah awesome, thanks for the link. I'll give it a read on my lunch break.

        Honestly even if it is the placebo effect or the result of getting more sleep, I'm loving it!

        I'm thinking of trying a little more ashwagandha with some ginseng tea and seeing if the combination makes a big difference.
      • 3 months ago
        Hi Just be careful in what you mix. try and find as much info as you can first, if your erections are good now what else do you need.