• 11 days ago

    Issues after catheter

    I had an issue with a 11 mm kidney stone that blocked my bladder, they inserted a catheter to allow me to pee,they went up and laser stone was ok for about a week then I was having issues trying to pee. They trying to go back up in but could not go in my urethra was closed up tight, they went in surgically and opened, okay for a few days, then same thing, hard to get a good stream hurts in the tip of penius at times,dribbling after peeing, have to wear pads every day


  • 10 days ago

    RE: Issues after catheter

    It sounds as if you've been through a lot with your kidney stone and now your urinary situation. I've had kidney stones since age 28. I am now 65 and had 4 since November. I passed all 4 of them recently. In the past I also needed the stent placed after the Ureter scope procedure. A very unpleasant experience. I can only say feel better soon and I hope your Urologist is doing all he can to assist you.