• Stopped sweating.

    I wonder if anyone observed these symptoms before and can give me good advice. I am 44 years old male. My problem is that I stopped sweating. I am a runner with experience, so I have very good knowledge on how my body reacts to a cardio exercise. Normally, after 10 km run, I was fully wet (never had issues with sweating before), but, over one month, I completely stopped sweating. It developed very quickly, first, I noticed that that my skin became very dry and itchy ….then, while running on a treadmill, I realized that my body overheats quickly as I did not sweat and could not run more than 5 km. I tried several times after that (did several hard runs from 8 to 12km) and tried sauna – but did not sweat.

    I need to mention couple of things,
    • Last autumn, I had some issues with head-vertigo and feeling like I am wearing very tight helmet … I did very detailed medical check and was not diagnosed of any organic issues, doctor concluded that this can be an effect of some psychological pressures and advise was “to settle down my life style and relax…” he also advised to take antidepressant pills as a plan B (which I never did). The only pills I was taking is iodine, as I was told that I have little imbalance of my thyroid hormones… so, not sure, but, maybe this could impact my sweating as well.
    • I visited dermatologist and endocrinologist- first one advised to moisturize skin, which helped to reduce itchy skin, second one advised to take Euthyrox which is thyroid hormone, which I am taking for a last 40 day … and, it does not help so far.
    Will appreciate if you can share your experience (if any). This issue changed/deteriorated my lifestyle and I need to deal with it somehow.