• 25 days ago

    Odd sensation when ejaculating.

    A few weeks back while having sex I had an odd feeling when I ejaculated. It didn't hurt and wasn't even uncomfortable, just wrong. It's hard to describe, but it was an almost sharp (not painful) feeling that felt like it was along the top of the penis or urethra. Then the next two times when I peed I noticed a reddish or brown that squirted out, very little, right when I started peeing. It never happened after that. My girlfriend said that maybe a blood vessel burst or something, but four weeks later it's still happening (minus the possible blood in urine thing). I do feel an equally weird sensation when I am getting aroused too. It's not painful or anything, just off. I'm 41 so this is a little concerning. Anyone know what might be going on and if it's something that will heal or that I need to go to a doctor?