• 7 days ago

    At home PRP treatment

    So as a home hemo patient and diabetic since I was 9, I have no fear of needles. I self canulate for dialysis, do my own vacu-tube blood draws and centrifuge the samples. Through research I can see no problem with doing my own PRP treatments. Disregarding normal issues of infection since I am trained in prevention and am equipped with all necessary equipment, why shouldn't I self administer? I know that the ACD-A seems to be the best anti-coagulant for the platelets. so the yellow BD tubes would be appropriate. It lead me to the question if several smaller injections over a time is better than a few larger ones. Can not find research on this topic. Let me also add that I have self injected ed treatments and am familiar with the procedure. At the cost per treatment I checked the cost for a person to buy all the need, for less than a single treatment you can aquire all that is needed for multiple treatments.