• 4 days ago

    TRT for 6 months....recent blood work


    I was prescribed TRT (gel) for symptoms and for testosterone levels of 132, 150, and 213 on blood work 6 months ago.

    I consistently took 3 pumps a day but at my 3 month blood work i had a level of 227. I increased to 4 pumps per day (max of original prescription) and at my 6 month blood work my testosterone level fell drastically to 116.

    I consistently apply the gel exactly as instructed, avoid showering or sweating after, and have not missed more than 2 days in the 6 months. Could I have missed a dose the day of my appointment, not realized it, and that caused my blood work to be very low? What other reason could there be and should i be concerned?

    I had a PSA level checked before I started to rule out prostate cancer, along with other common rule out blood work like prolactin.

    Thanks, appreciate any feedback since i cant find much information online besides very general stuff.