• over 1 year ago

    Herniated disc Chiropractic Decompression treatment

    In the MRI a disc between S1 and L5 had pushed out into the spinal cord about half way. I never knew what the issue was but I have lived life like this for over 10 years with similar symptoms and pain. Within the last two years it has worsened and become an unbearable pain. I haven’t been able to walk the last few weeks. I just started decompression therapy with a local Chiropractor. I have tried many different Chiropractors over the years and I’ve grown a deep distrust of them because of all the failed attempts at making my back pain go away. I would like to know if it is something that is legitimately used to fix a herniated disc. I usually only experience pain in the left buttock/hip and left leg (quad). And when I try to stretch my left hamstring I feel sharp pain in my low back and buttock. I’ve noticed recently, after a week of decompression, the right leg (which is usually asymptomatic) has experienced some slight numbness in the quad area. I also feel like the right quad may be experiencing some weakness as well. I am wondering if I should continue with the decompression therapy or just have surgery of some sort to fix the disc. I also want to know some details about recovery time of surgery if that is what needs to be done so I can make a decision. I’m in an extreme amount of pain day and night. I want it to be over with, but also don’t want to make the wrong decision hastily.