• 6 months ago

    Hard lump on penis

    I'm a 28 year old white male. I was in the shower cleaning myself when I pulled my foreskin back and noticed a hard lump about the size of a pen head under the skin. Right below the crown of the head. It's a cluster of veins. It looks slightly raised when soft. I've been tested recently for stds and am clean. I haven't had sex since way before I was tested. It doesn't hurt to touch it. It looks almost as if the vein there has hardened because it's thicker than the surrounding veins and only thicker up to a point where it runs to all of a sudden shrink in size. I did have a few days off where I masturbated a lot last week and was sore so I haven't done it since.
    There's no burning when I urinate. No discharge from my penis. No smell.


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Hard lump on penis

    There can be all sorts of weird skin issues down there.. I wouldn't worry about it. But there are penis health cremes available that smooth out and repair the skin. You should check them out. Man1 Man Oil is a good one. Hope this helps.