• over 2 years ago

    Dry, flakey, scabs on scrotum

    A few weeks ago I started working a new job that requires walking and standing for 10 hours a day. Every night I come home and find that the skin on my scrotum is irritated with flaking and scabs. I normally wear boxer briefs and work pants and work in room temperature. This is not an STD. What can I do to treat this?


  • RE: Dry, flakey, scabs on scrotum

    Sounds brutal, man. Why don’t you try a penis health crème? They’re formulated especially for the penis skin and keep you in tip-top shape, no pun intended! The best part of them is the hydrating and rejuvenating properties. It’s the best. I’d really recommend trying it- they’re usually loaded with Vitamin D, C and A and such. Hope this helps.