• 7 months ago

    Weight gain problem

    i am 21 and having trouble gaining weight or "bulking up" i dont want to be ripped or anything ,id just like to know if i can an i even get much bigger and if so , how or where to start, i also would say im not healthy and have a half unhealthy lifestyle, and i was born premature.


  • 7 months ago

    RE: Weight gain problem

    Hi there is a lot of things going against you, one would be your body make up, your body frame and last your genes.

    So it would be done to body building, no so much to get ripped but just to bulk up your muscles.

    So what you really need to do is watch what you eat only eat all healthy food, foods that are high in boosting your testosterone, just google testosterone boosting foods, and these will help you bulk up and help with body building.

    But get off all fast and junk foods, forget about any kind of sodas, and that even means energy drinks. OK