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    Low Testosterone Treatment

    Good Morning.

    My 40 y.o. bf was diagnosed with low testosterone at the end of last summer. He has been on injections for almost 9 months and his levels have gone from the 150 range to 800 range which is amazing.

    He's sleeping better, his mood has greatly improved, he's no longer depressed, he is focused, he doesn't feel like gravity is pinning him to the ground, and our sex life is off the charts.

    He told me yesterday that he can no longer afford the $300/month to continue his treatment. That's even after insurance. I'm devastated. I understand that being stressed about money is no good -- I'm a single parent just like he is -- but he is trading one stress for the other. Stressed about money or stressed about not feeling like himself. It's a terrible thing to have to go through for him. I can't even imagine having to make that kind of decision.

    I'm at a loss as to what I can do to help him. I love him and I'm not leaving him over something like this -- I have been by his side for 4 years even through the bad times before he found out why he was so moody and depressed. He won't let me help him pay for his treatment and because of HIPAA I can't go behind his back and do it anyways.

    Does anyone have any advice? I don't know what to do or where to turn to see about lower costing treatments.


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    RE: Low Testosterone Treatment

    Hi Not sure how your can do that being from the UK.

    But one thing once you have been on these shots what does is shut down you own testosterone making equipment, so after 9 months they could be gone for good as they don't restart.

    So as he's just 40 he could get into weight lifting as a way of boosting up his testosterone.

    He could try foods as a way of doing that, just read through this link below.


    Now this guy also does a page on nitric oxide this us men need to boost our erections, I just hope these can help. OK

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    RE: Low Testosterone Treatment

    There is a treatment that began several years ago in Europe and a few years later in the US called a testopel implant. It involves implanting several small capsules, smaller than grains of rice, under the skin usually done every four months. Sometimes shorter time period and sometimes longer depending on how the testosterone levels maintain.
    If your insurance covers a fair share of the cost, it might be significantly less expensive and a lot more convenient than an injection every month. Results have been excellent as the levels peak after a couple weeks and then slowly decrease over a few months but still within the normal range for the entire period. Certainly worth looking at as an option. Good luck!
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    RE: Low Testosterone Treatment

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    RE: Low Testosterone Treatment

    Maca root and ashwagandha are great at helping deal with stress and improving libido. Perhaps try that.

    Also you might want to have him try to drink a daily smoothie like this one https://itestosterone.com/testosterone-boosting-smoothie-recipe

    It's one of the easiest ways to pack in a lot of testosterone boosting nutrients.