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    Severe Jock Itch

    I have sought help from my family doctor as well as a dermatologist. I have even asked a foot doctor for help on this problem. I have been given several different prescriptions but nothing gets rid of it. It always comes back. I have had this issue for about a year now and there seems to be nothing out there that will totally eliminate it. I am currently using oxiconazole that was prescribed by the dermatologist. If I stop using it for just a day, the itching comes back. Sometimes, the itching will come back in the afternoon after I use in the morning after my shower. I have bought all new underwear and bought the "wicking" type to keep myself dry down there. Typically, I wear jeans and I am an office worker. I know I have a sweat issue down there because when I go to the restroom, my underwear is wet in the crotch area. Also, there is the unmistakable "sour" odor. I have continued using the oxiconazole for several weeks without stopping. Then I tried to stop for just a day or two and it comes back. Also, with the itching, I find severe skin flaking. Any advice would be very welcomed! Thanks.


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    RE: Severe Jock Itch

    Hi In all the time you have been seeing anyone have they not thought that it may be just a yeast infection, as jock itch works along the same lines as a YI.

    So leave off the jeans as there to tight and get into cargo or chino trousers, this way there will be more air getting around your groin area, if your not shaved down below now would be a good time to start JI and YI are a fungus and they both love a warm damp area to live and hide in, so no hair no hiding place and it you can do go commando, this allows your groin area to breath more, also keep out of tight pants, sleep naked. OK

    One last thing read through this link you may find some help.


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    So sorry to hear about these issues. The second I felt jock itch starting on my genitals, I went out and bought a bottle of penis health creme. Not only did it keep me itch and irritation free, but it kept me healthy and soft down there too. Would highly recommend!
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