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    Is this Typical for the BPH Treatment Process???

    Having a difficult time finding others going through the same experience as me for BPH, so wondering if my situation is common, or does the process raise any red flags?

    I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and typical symptoms from it.

    Had a biopsy and cystoscopy, which came back clean (negative).

    Wound up needing a catheter AFTER the procedure, which I've now had for about 6 weeks.

    Taking Flomax (max dose) and Finesteride for 4-6 weeks now.

    TURP scheduled, but not for 6 more weeks.

    Investigating PAE as an option.

    I guess my main concern is the extended time frame and having a catheter for so long. Doesn't seem even remotely typical?


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    RE: Typical BPH Treatment Process

    Of course if there's a better place to post this, I will do so. Just didn't see any.
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    RE: Is this Typical for the BPH Treatment Process???

    Hi If you read on a site called franktalk when they say TURP you just run, its a benign enlarged prostate and it can be shrunk, and apart from TUNA and Rezum I cant think of others but these are your ways to go as both will just shrink your enlarged prostate back down and your still have sex go the TURP way means you could end with and implant.

    Go find another urologist and talk with him or her, could be and see what they say, about your options apart from TURP.

    But do go and have a read around www.franktalk.org, as you could find it very interesting.

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    RE: Is this Typical for the BPH Treatment Process???

    I will add that although I had urination issues before the biopsy/cystoscopy, afterward I practically could not urinate at all (very small dribbles at best). I have had the catheter removed a couple of times over the six weeks, but no improvement.
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    RE: Is this Typical for the BPH Treatment Process???

    I have had BPH for a long time. I would not to the TURP. I found a new procedure which is great, called rezum. Google it. Dr. Shinohara at UCSF now offers this. It is a quick procedure. I would be happy to talk to you about it. Bruce Breitman My phone is 415-531-5700. Can text or call me. I had rezum two weeks ago and the flow has improved. It does take a few months; however, I am very very happy that I can now urinate. It should only get better over the coming months. Be sure and contact me to discuss rezum.
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    RE: Is this Typical for the BPH Treatment Process???

    Definitely see another urologist for a second opinion!!!
    I had BPH for many years and just treated it with herbals, then had to get a cystoscopy to check out a recurring slight hematuria. I had to use a catheter for several days afterward due to the assault on the urethral sphincter.
    Subsequently had a bladder cancer removed, which was on the trans-urethral wall, and doc switched meds from Rapaflo to Tamsulosin. Now three years later, and BPH has almost disappeared which I'm at loss to explain.