• Another 99% blockage

    12 years since bypass surgery that was supposed to only give me 3 years at most.

    Now have to recover from another stent for a major artery's 99% bloackage. Still have one unreachable, but it takes substantial effort for it to bring on chest pain. The aneurysms potential to grow has me more limited, and scaring those around me.

    There ARE beneficial foods. There are beneficial exercise routines, contrary to what my cardiologist believed at the time in 2006.

    But it was interesting years later to see reactions of new nurses and other medical people to images of my first angiogram. One nurse teared up. Others made various exclamations. "When did he die ?", was asked. "Holy Crap !", was another one.

    All were stunned at an apparent total recovery, and having gone on to restore my fitness and become athletic again.